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Kathmandu is in the list of top 25 best destinations in the world

World’s largest Travel website Tripadvisor has published the top 25 destinations for 2016 in the world. It is the great news that Kathmandu has deserved on the 23rd position out of 25. Not any other cities from South Asia are on the list. So, Kathmandu is the most beautiful cities in South Asia. According to the Tripadvisor Sydney of Australia and Budapest of Hungary are behind Kathmandu, they are on the 24th and 25th rank. Likewise, London the capital of United Kingdom deserved the 1st position; Istambul of Turkey and Marrakech of Morocco are 2nd and 3rd position.

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. This is quite old city of Nepal and popular as a city of the temples. It is surrounded by hills. It is rich in the culture and history. The culture and ethnic groups are different than other countries in the world. The Temples, Stupas, Durbar Squares and other monuments are the main attractions of the city. Here are nice places (hotel) to spend nights, Restaurants for good foods, Bars to enjoy your holiday and different types of shops to buy souvenirs. You can buy local things such as: Statues, Thanks paintings, Paper prints, woods crafts, garments and many more.