Monsoon season in Nepal

Summer season (June to August) is known as a Grisma Ritu in Nepal. This is the monsoon season and the weather is hot and wet in this time. It is normally starts from end of the June to the beginning of September. It will be almost three months. It rains almost every day but not always. It mostly rains heavily in the night than during the day. Some are of Nepal get more rain and some area of Nepal get less rain. Northern part of Nepal and above 3000m from sea level will get less rainfall than lower part.

The heavy rainfalls is quite risk for flooding and landslides. But, it is very important in Nepal to grow crops and vegetables. Farming is the main industry in Nepal. Many farmers are depending on rain to grow their crops because they are lack of the irrigation service. This is the Corn harvesting and Rice planting season in Nepal.

Global warming is affecting the seasons in Nepal. The monsoon season is affecting because it doesn’t rain as heavy as it used to be and it’s starting and ending time is not as before.

9th international Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) Day

Mt.Everest (8848 m) is the highest peak on the Earth. 9th international Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest ) day has been celebrated in Kathmandu, Nepal on the 29th of the May. Mr. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hilary have summited the Mt. Everest on the 29th of the May in 1953. It has been 63 years since they reached on the top of the Mt. Everest 29th of the May is starting to celebrate as an international Mt. Everest day since 2008. This day is also known as a Tenzing-Hillary Everest marathon day.
More than four hundreds climbers have scaled successfully Mt.Everest this year and 5 foreigners and some Nepali climbers they have lost their life too. We would like to congratulate to all of them who climbed the Mt. Everest and who climbed the mountain but didn’t summit. Yesterday, the special program was organized in Kathmandu jointly by Nepal Mountaineering association, Ministry of tourism of Nepal and Nepal Tourism board on the occasion of the 9th international Mt. Everest day. Nine Sherpas, who risks their life to fixed the ropes (icefall doctors) on the Mt. Everest after the massive earthquake, were honored by Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli. They got Rs 50,000 each along with certificate of the Mt. Everest appreciation by the Prime Minister.
Our heartily tribute to Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary, the first ones to reached on the top of the EVEREST.

A year of tragedy

Earthquake_in _nepalIt has been a year since devastating earthquake has hit in Nepal. Last year, today around 11:56 AM on 12th of Baishakh 7.8 magnitude earthquake has hit in Nepal and the center point was in Barpak of Gorkha district. That earthquake has destroyed the capital city of Nepal Kathmandu and other district like: Gorkha, Dhading, Nuwakot, Rasuwa, Sindhupalchok, Kavre, Dolakha, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and other districts. More than nine thousands people were killed, thousands were injured and homeless, thousands of houses were damaged and destroyed by that tragedy. Likewise, so many schools, government buildings, hospitals, clinics and other monuments were totally damaged. We have felt aftershocks more than 1000 times from 12th of Baishakh.
People, who have been affected by earthquake, got many helping hands eventually. Local people, Nepal Police, Nepal Army and foreigner people has started to help the needy people as much as they can. Many foreigner organizations and Army personal from different countries have come to Nepal to help the victims. They have brought tents, plastic sheets, medicines, foods and other necessary things. Most of the people has to sleep under the plastic sheets and tents because their houses were no more to see. It was very miserable to see how they have spent the time after the earthquake. Many Nepalese people from the country and aboard started to raised the money to help the earthquake victims. And, many people from different countries have raised the money for affected areas and people who have been suffered.
The government of Nepal has helped little bit to the earthquake victims but not much. They are saying to provide money to build house but they haven’t start properly yet. Hope all the people will get enough help by government.
We (Eagle Treks family) extend our heartfelt condolence to the families of all those who lost their life in the massive earthquake last year. We also pray for all injured people for their quick recovery. Let gods give them power to be strong. Live and let live- we will rise again!!!

Happy Nepali New Year 2073

Today (12th April) is the last day of the Nepalese year 2072. People are celebrating New Year’s Eve tonight.  The New Year in Nepal starts on Baishakh month.  This is the official New Year in Nepal although we have 9 different New Years. The first day of the New Year is the public holiday in Nepal.  The New Year begins with the first day after the new moon, in the month of Chaitra. It has also 12 months and 365 days in a year. This Era has been founded by Indian king Vikramaditya and now it is popular as a Bikram Sambat. Bikram Sambat. Nepali calendar is approximately 56 years and 8  months ahead than English calendar known as Gregorian calendar or AD.  It is used in a Hindu calendar as Hindus believe in lunar system. Vikram Sambat came into official use in Nepal in its 1958th year by Rana rulers. Nepal has different cultures and language than in other countries. Nepali calendar is called as a Nepali patro.

Bagmati clean-up Campaign enters 150th weeks

Bagmati campaign

Bagmati clean-up campaign has celebrated its 150th weeks today. It has been started on 2070 Jeshtha 5. The president of Nepal Bidhya Devi Bhandari has inaugurated the program at Guheshwori, Kathamandu today. Huge amounts of garbage have been collected from the river already and people are made aware. Chief campaigners former secretary of Nepal Lilamani Paudyal, Deputy prime minister Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar, Personal Nepal army, Nepal Police, volunteers from different organizations, students and many people participated in the campaign. The main vision of the campaign is to see children and fish swimming together, Pilgrims taking a holy bath and clean Bagmati.

Kathmandu is in the list of top 25 best destinations in the world

World’s largest Travel website Tripadvisor has published the top 25 destinations for 2016 in the world. It is the great news that Kathmandu has deserved on the 23rd position out of 25. Not any other cities from South Asia are on the list. So, Kathmandu is the most beautiful cities in South Asia. According to the Tripadvisor Sydney of Australia and Budapest of Hungary are behind Kathmandu, they are on the 24th and 25th rank. Likewise, London the capital of United Kingdom deserved the 1st position; Istambul of Turkey and Marrakech of Morocco are 2nd and 3rd position.

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. This is quite old city of Nepal and popular as a city of the temples. It is surrounded by hills. It is rich in the culture and history. The culture and ethnic groups are different than other countries in the world. The Temples, Stupas, Durbar Squares and other monuments are the main attractions of the city. Here are nice places (hotel) to spend nights, Restaurants for good foods, Bars to enjoy your holiday and different types of shops to buy souvenirs. You can buy local things such as: Statues, Thanks paintings, Paper prints, woods crafts, garments and many more.

Happy Holi 22 March 2016


Holi is known as the festival of colours.  It is celebrated at the beginning of the Spring season as well as mark of the beginning of the Nepali New Year. It is very popular and old religious festival of Hindus. Also it is becoming popular with non-Hindus. It is mainly celebrated in Nepal, India and other South Asian countries.


It is celebrating today, full moon day of the month Chaitra in Nepal. It is a public holiday in Nepal. There are different believes and rituals of this festival.  Hindus people believe in Lunar system.  People celebrated it two days in Nepal- 1st day mainly for people from North and hillside and 2nd day mainly for people from South (Terai).  Many people from different part of the world will come to Nepal to celebrate this festival.  Tourist visit in Nepal is increasing because of this festival, it is helping a lot in tourism industry in Nepal.  It is always better to follow the culture to promote the country in the world.

Prince Harry is in Nepal

Britain’s prince Harry is visiting Nepal for five-day official tour.  He has arrived in Nepal on the 19 of the March.  Nepal and United Kingdom have 200 years old relationship. It is believed that this relationship will be even closer after his visit in Nepal.

During his visit he is going to meet president of Nepal, prime minister of Nepal, leaders of different political parties, Gurkha’s family other officials. He is visiting the earthquake affected area and people who have lost their home and family by earthquake. He is visiting Patan, Bhaktapur, Bardia National park and doing some outdoor activities in Bardia. He is also visiting Pokhara and Lamjung. He is also going to walk in Lamjung while he will meet Gurkha’s family and he will spend a night at home stay. He will visit to Gurkha Sainik Camp in Pokhara condolence to all Gurkhas who were killed during Second World War.