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Happy Nepali New Year 2073

Today (12th April) is the last day of the Nepalese year 2072. People are celebrating New Year’s Eve tonight.  The New Year in Nepal starts on Baishakh month.  This is the official New Year in Nepal although we have 9 different New Years. The first day of the New Year is the public holiday in Nepal.  The New Year begins with the first day after the new moon, in the month of Chaitra. It has also 12 months and 365 days in a year. This Era has been founded by Indian king Vikramaditya and now it is popular as a Bikram Sambat. Bikram Sambat. Nepali calendar is approximately 56 years and 8  months ahead than English calendar known as Gregorian calendar or AD.  It is used in a Hindu calendar as Hindus believe in lunar system. Vikram Sambat came into official use in Nepal in its 1958th year by Rana rulers. Nepal has different cultures and language than in other countries. Nepali calendar is called as a Nepali patro.