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Monsoon season in Nepal

Summer season (June to August) is known as a Grisma Ritu in Nepal. This is the monsoon season and the weather is hot and wet in this time. It is normally starts from end of the June to the beginning of September. It will be almost three months. It rains almost every day but not always. It mostly rains heavily in the night than during the day. Some are of Nepal get more rain and some area of Nepal get less rain. Northern part of Nepal and above 3000m from sea level will get less rainfall than lower part.

The heavy rainfalls is quite risk for flooding and landslides. But, it is very important in Nepal to grow crops and vegetables. Farming is the main industry in Nepal. Many farmers are depending on rain to grow their crops because they are lack of the irrigation service. This is the Corn harvesting and Rice planting season in Nepal.

Global warming is affecting the seasons in Nepal. The monsoon season is affecting because it doesn’t rain as heavy as it used to be and it’s starting and ending time is not as before.