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Bardia National Park Jungle Safari

General Overview

Western Nepal is rich in natural vegetation and also covers abundant wildlife. Remotely adventurous place challenge and offers unique adventure for wildlife and nature lovers. The Bardia National Park was also initially  Royal Hunting Reserve. In 1976, it was gazette as royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve. It occupies an area of  368 sq km and declares wildlife sanctuary, in 1982.

It was renamed as Royal Bardia Wildlife Reserve including  Babai valley. Villages were located in Baghaura Phanta and Lamkoili Phanta before the establishment of hunting reserve and also relocated outside reserve boundary. When villages have resettled outside the reserve boundary, the farming has also ceased. After village is ceased, natural vegetation regenerates and also make it an area of prime habitat for wildlife. Finally, in 1988 it grants the status of National Park. Its establishment is to preserve, endangered species of the rare ecosystem, including flora and fauna, particularly the tiger and its other prey spices. After peoples, movement-II Royal word is avoided (i.e. in 18th May 2006).

Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park is the largest and most untouched wilderness area in the Terai region. It provides excellent habitat for most of the endangered spices of wildlife and birds. The park covers an area of 968 sq km and also divided into several regions. Each region has diverse flora and fauna. Later, in 1994 the basic facilities existed for independent visitors. Mostly, extensive and varied wildlife -all endangered rhinoceros, wild elephant, the Bengal tiger, swamp deer, black buck, Gharial and mugger crocodile, Gangetic dolphin is preserving here.
The park is the best places to view the most magnificent of cats, the Bengal tiger. The chance is almost 80 % depending on the season.


 Up to 45º C

What to Bring for these jungle safaris?

  •    Binoculars,
    •    Swimwear,
    •    Flashlight,
    •    Sun - hat and sun guard,
    •    Insect repellent,
    •    Shoes for an easy walk,
    •    Casual and
    •    Comfortable clothes.


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