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Dolpo Trekking in Nepal

General Overview

Dolpo trekking is in the West-North part of Nepal. This is very charming place in Nepal Himalaya. This district was closed for trekkers until 1989 eventually it is open now although it is in the list of restricted area of Nepal.  They wants to preserve the nature and culture of this region that is why it is called restricted area and you need special permit and you can stay there for certain time.  If you visit there once then you wants to go back again and again. Lying in the rain shadow area of the Himalayas, the landscape resembles that of the Tibetan Plateau instead of the lush green monsoon watered hills elsewhere in Nepal, at comparative altitudes. The great people, very pleasant nature and unique culture, Tibetan descent who follow the Buddhist religion are the highlights of Dolpo trekking. Their language is closely related to Tibetan. The elevation of the trails is from 1650 meters to 5136 meters above sea level.

To the south is a large east-west valley system called Lower Dolpo, and to the west is Mugu, which lies beyond the sacred Crystal Mountain and the Kanjiroba massif. To complete Dolpo’s isolation, the Khyaklum and Mt. Dhaulagiri create a natural border to Mustang and Annapurna to the east. A combination of ancient animist beliefs, Tibetan Buddhism, and Bon religions predominate throughout the region.

There are a number of trekking options that run through Dolpo, they are all magnificent and provide some wonderful scenery. Most trekkers enter and exit Dolpo via the dirt airstrip at Juphal in Lower Dolpo. Alternatively, experienced groups could consider the more committing routes from Mustang (east) or Mugu (west), where trail finding and acclimatisation pose additional challenges. Perhaps the most beautiful place in Nepal is Phoksundo Lake, in the centre of Dolpo, which can be combined with trails to Shey (Crystal Mountain) to access Bhijer, Saldang and the northern villages, or Dho Tarap and the valleys to the east. There are also route options that follow the Bharbun Khola, through Chharka Bhot and even to Hidden Valley to the north of Dhaulagiri.

Most of Dolpo trekking lies on Dolpa and eastern Mugu district, protected by the Shey Phoksundo National Park and Buffer Zone which covers a massive 3555 km2 and is the largest such park in Nepal. Referred to as a Trans-Himalayan Ecosystem (the lower, lush valleys of the mid-hills are linked with the arid Tibetan plateau), this is a culturally and environmentally sensitive and fragile region, which demands the utmost respect and care.


Day 01: Welcome at Kathmandu airport and drive to Hotel, short briefing about the programs and overnight at hotel on B/B
Day 02: Preparation for Trekking, after breakfast meet the tour guide and visit some heritage sites in Kathmandu, overnight at hotel on B/B
Day 03: Kathmandu -Nepalgunj
Fly to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. O/N in Nepalgunj at the hotel with full board.
Day 04: Nepalgunj - Jhupal
Fly to Jhupal. O/N in Jhupal either in the tents or at hotel with full board.
Day 05: Jhupal - Dunai
Treks to Dunai. O/N in Dunai in the tents with full board.
Day 05: Dunai - Roha
Treks to Roha. O/N in Roha in the tents with full board.
Day 07: Roha - Sepka
Treks to Sepka. O/N in Sepka in the tents with full board.
Day 08: Sepka - Regi
Treks to Regi. O/N in Regi in the tents with full board.
Day 09: Regi - Pungmi
Treks to Pungmi. O/N in Pungmi in the tents with full board.
Day 10: Pungmi - Ringmo
Treks to Ringmo. O/N in Ringmo in the tents with full board.
Day 11: Walk around Ringmo to explore the beautiful nature and culture of this area. O/N in Ringmo in the tents with full board.
Day 12: Ringmo - Silver forest
Treks to Silver forest. O/N in Silver-forest in the tents with full board.
Day 13: Silver forest - Gondla
Trek to Gondla. O/N in Gondla in the tents with full board.
Day 14: Gondla - Shey Gompa
Shey Gompa. O/ N in Shey Gompa in the tents with full board.
Day 15: Shey Gompa - Langma Sisa Bhanjyang
Trek to langma Sisa Bhahjyang. O/N in Langma Sisa Bhanjyang in the tents with full board.
Day 16: Langma Sisa Bhanjyang - Numla Bhanjyang
Trek to Numla Nhanjyang. O/N in Numla Bhanjayang in the tents with full board.
Day 17: Numla Bhanjyang - Do Tarap
Trek to Do Tarap. O/N in Do Tarap in the tents with full board.
Day 18: Do Tarap - Chakra Pass Base Camp
Trek to Chakra Pass Base Camp. O/N in the Chakra base camp in the tents with full board.
Day 19: Chakra Base Camp - Thajang Khola
Trek to Thajang khola. O/N in Thajang Khola in the tents with full board.
Day 20: Thajang Khola - Santa Village
Treks to Sangda Village. O/N in Sangda Village in the tents with full board.
Day 21: Santa Village - Phalyak
Treks to Phale. O/N in Phale in the tents with full board.
Day 22: Phale - Jomsom
Treks to Jomsom. O/N in Jomsom at the hotel with full board.
Day 23: Fly to Pokhara in the morning and overnight at hotel on B/B.
Day 24: Pokhara to Kathmandu (either fly or drive), overnight at the hotel on B/B
Day 25: Final departure to Kathmandu airport or further program according to flight schedule.

Note: If the above itinerary does not meet your needs, we can design tailor made travel plans based on your interest and timing.

Trips Facts

Country: Nepal
Activities: Tour and Trekking
Start/End: Kathmandu
Destination: Dolpo
Trip Price: US $ 2575 per person
Single supplementary: US $ 20 per person per day
Duration: 25 days
Max Elevation: 5550 m from sea level
Group Size: Minimum 2
Best Season: February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December
Trip grade: Very strenuous
Walking hours: In average 5 - 6 hours per day (in average pace of walking)


The cost includes:

•  All arrival and departure transport
•  Kathmandu city tour with guide and car
•  3 nights accommodation at Kathmandu with breakfast
.  1 night accomodation in Pokhara with breakfast
•  22 days complete package trekking with guide and porter
•  All land transport on buses
•  Air ticket Kathmandu - Nepalgunj - Juphal and Jomsom - Pokhara
•   1 guide and porters (2:1 basis) insured, registered, experienced, salary food  and accommodation paid
•  Shey Phokskundo National Park entry permit and trekkign permit
•  Three meals a day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
•  19 nights accommodation at tea house and tented camp on twin sharing basis
 Equipment (Sleeping bag and Down jacket, tent and mattress along with kitchen utensils)
•  All land transportation

The price will not include:

•   Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu and Pokhara
•   Nature of personnel expenses
•   Nepal visa
•   Bar and beverage bills and all kind of drinks
•   Personnel clothing
•   Travel insurance and
•   Tips (tips are expected)

Departure Dates

Start Date End Date Booking Status Remarks
27 - Aug - 18 20 - Sep - 18 Available
30 - Aug - 18 23 - Sep - 18 Available
04 - Sep - 18 28 - Sep - 18 Available
09 - Sep - 18 03 - Oct - 18 Available
14 - Sep - 18 08 - Oct - 18 Available
19 - Sep - 18 13 - Oct - 18 Available
24 - Sep - 18 18 - Oct - 18 Available
29 - Sep - 18 23 - Oct - 18 Available
3 - Oct - 18 27 - Oct - 18 Available
8 - Oct - 18 1 - Nov - 18 Available
13 - Oct - 18 6 - Nov - 18 Available
18 - Oct - 18 11 - Nov - 18 Available
23 - Oct - 18 16 - Nov - 18 Available
28 - Oct - 18 21 - Nov - 18 Available
2 - Nov - 18 26 - Nov - 18 Available
7 - Nov - 18 02 - Nov - 18 Available

Note: If the above itinerary does not meet your needs, we can design tailor made travel plans based on your interest and timing.


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US $ 2575 per person
Above mention rate is per person and required minimum 2 person. Less then or more then 2 person rate will be different.