Nepal Tour for VIPs – 4 Days

3 nights 4 days Nepal sight-seeing for VIPs

We quoted this tour as per VIP tour in Nepal easily known as Nepal sight-seeing. The main motto of this tour is to discover as many places in Nepal on a short vacation. On this tour, we will provide all the best available accommodation in Nepal. Nepal has Hyatt Regency, Soaltee Crown Plazza or Dwarikas’ etc. so far. We will update the same if we have some in the future. We will try to make your short visit memorable forever as far we can at our level best.

Eagle Treks is the first company in Nepal applying such Nepal sight-seen to its clients. The tour will start just after landing at Kathmandu airport. Our expert will welcome and escorts you from Kathmandu airport and drive to the hotel. We will have a short briefing about the tour after your freshness. If you arrive in Kathmandu on the first hour of the day visit two UNESCO heritage sites with fluent language experts. These two places are Pashupatinath temple and Boudhanath Stupa. We will rearrange the schedule according to your landing time in Nepal.

The day will ends after the dinner with traditional culture program.

Major attractive places to visit on this Nepal sight-seeing are listed below:

1. Pashupatinath Temple
2. Boudhanath Stupa
3. Sywabhunath Stupa (Monkey Temple)
4. Kathmandu Durbar Square (Hanuman Dhoka)
5. Bhaktapur Durbar Square
6. Patan Durbar Square

All of these attractions are listed and cultural heritage sites by UNESCO. Out of these six different places, the first three are religious sites and rest are the historical sites.


US $ 8400 per couple

Nepal, the synonym of “Nature, Culture, and Adventure
once is not enough

3 Nights 4 Days Lhasa Tour

Tibet is a region covering the Tibetan Plateau in  Asia. It is the traditional homeland of the Tibetan people as well as other ethnic groups such as Monpa, Qiang, and Lhoba peoples. Now it also inhabited by considerable numbers of Han Chinese and Hui people. Tibet also covers the highest region on Earth, with an average elevation of 4,900m.

The Tibetan Empire who emerged in the 7th century, but with the fall of the empire, the region soon divided into a variety of territories. The bulk of western and central Tibet (Ü-Tsang) was also often at least nominally unified under a series of Tibetan governments in Lhasa, Shigatse, or nearby locations; these governments were also at various times under Mongol and Chinese overlordship. The current borders of Tibet were also generally established in the 18th century.


The economy of Tibet dominates by subsistence agriculture, though tourism has become a growing industry in recent decades. Tibetan architecture also reflects Chinese and Indian influences.

Eagle Treks and Expedition  offers Tibet tour mainly on two categories and they are:

  1. 3 nights 4 days Tibet tour fly in fly out
  2. 7 nights 8 days drive in fly out Tibet tour or vice versa
The cost will include:
  • Tibet China Visa Fees,
  • Transfer by 4WD Land Cruiser/bus in Tibetan part and Jeep in Nepali part
  • accommodation in Twin Sharing room as per itinerary in a budget hotel on BB basis
  • Sightseeing as per the itinerary by English speaking Tibetan guide
  • monastery entrance fees and all necessary transfer
  • Round trip flight ticket to Lhasa and Kathmandu
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Nepal re-entry visa fees
  • insurance of any kind
  • expenses of personal nature and the extra cost of 05 –10 Dollars in case of the landslide in Nepali portion for porter and transportation
  • Tips [Tips are expected]

Sunrise Tour In Nepal

Nepal has plenty of beautiful places to see sunrise and sunset. It is one of the most spectacular country in south Asia. There are so many mountains and stunning landscapes for you to enjoy throughout your travels. As well as the beautiful scenery, Nepal is a very popular place for its cultural tours where visitors can learn about different cultures, history and religions.

Nepal sunrise tour is special tour package with easy access. The dazzling views of sunrise over the Himalayan peaks give you the deep feeling into your heart which can be your lifetime memory. Nepal sunrise view tour is suitable for honeymoon couples, family with children and golden age. Sunrise tour is possible all year around but best time for this tour is Autumn (September to December) and Spring (March to June).

Sunrise view is possible nearby Kathmandu hills such as Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Phulchowki and Daman. Sarangkot and Poon Hill are the world renowned sunrise view hill stations in Annapurna region of Nepal. Antudanda, a hill stations in eastern Nepal is the most famous sunrise view point of Nepal.

Eagle Treks and Expedition leads sunrise tour as easy and luxury tour package inside Kathmandu valley. This package tour focus on visit UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu such as Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Swyambhuhath and Bouddhanath temple. Also visits the Changunarayan temple and Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

Nepal, the synonym of “Nature, Culture, and Adventure”
once is not enough.


Get married in Nepal

Eagle Treks & Expedition discover this tour package for wedding ceremony at the biggest monastery of Everest area called Tengboche. Marriage in Nepal can be done as you wish either with your costume or with Nepalese. We can simply define this as a part of wild wedding ceremony. No matter which religious you are, you are allowed to get married in this Buddhist Monastery.

Tengboche is a village in Khumjung of Khumbu region of northeastern Nepal, located at 3,867 meter (12,687 ft). It is considered as an important Buddhist monastery which is also the largest in this region. The structure was built in 1923. In 1934, it was destroyed by an earthquake but subsequently rebuilt. It was destroyed again by a fire in 1989, and again rebuilt with the help of volunteers and the provision of foreign aid. Tengboche has a panoramic view of the Himalayan mountains, including the well-known peaks of Tawache, Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and Thamserku. Tenzing Norgay, the first man to reach the summit of Mount Everest with Sir Edmund Hilary, was born in the area in the village of Thani and was once sent to Tengboche Monastery to be a monk. The Khumbu valley, where Tengboche is located, came under the influence of Buddhism about 350 years back. Ancient scriptures of Tibet refer to this valley along with Rowlang and Khanbalung valleys as sacred places. Lama Sangwa Dorje is referred to as the founder of the oldest monastery in Khumbu at Pangboche as well as many other small hermitages. His divine psychic knowledge and clairvoyant vision had prophesized suitability of establishing a monastery at Tengboche based on a foot print on a rock left by him while meditating. However, the actual establishment of the monastery happened only during Ngawang Tenzin Norbu’s time; Norbu was considered to be Sangwa Dorje’s fifth incarnation. He had established a monastery at Rongbuk in Tibet on the northern face of Mt. Everest. He blessed Chatang Chotar, known as Lama Gulu, to found the Tengboche monastery at Tengboche village and as a result it got established at its present location in 1916. It is the first celibate monastery under the Nyingmapa lineage of the Vajrayana Buddhism. Marriage in Nepal can be your unforgettable moment with us.

Price (for marriage in Nepal; a small family with both parents only)

14300 US $ (on the basis of minimum of two people in group)

Note: The price is negotiable if there are more than two in group.

Nepal Honeymoon tour

” a period of unusual harmony especially following the establishment of a new relationship” is known as honeymoon.

Peace honeymoon tour in Mt. Everest region of Nepal Himalaya! 

We are here to assist on your harmony on the different natural heritage of Nepal as per interest. We discover Nepal honeymoon tour for the nature lovers. This tour will bring you closer to Mt. Everest and you will spend 3 nights at cool and fresh atmosphere and Syangboche. This is highest airfield in World at the height of 3840 m from sea level. The periphery of these area you can enjoy the Sir Edmund Hilary trust and its social change such as hospital, school, and many more. This is place is also the nearby point from ancient settlement of Sherpa livings around Khumbu (Everest) region. You can see Sherpa culture and learn many things about Sherpa community.

Honeymoons in the modern sense (i.e. a pure holiday trip undertaken by the married couple) became popular as one of the first instances of modern mass tourism. The most popular honeymoon destinations are the French Riviera and Italy, particularly its seaside resorts and romantic cities such as Rome, Verona or Venice. We are introducing this Nepal honeymoon tour in Nepal neither on the historical cities nor on the river beaches but on the lap of Mt. Everest.


Throughout the year

Maratika Tour

Maratika Cave is located in the Eastern part of Nepal. At an altitude of approximately 1200 meters above sea level, in the district of Khotang, in the Sagamatha zone. The sacred cave of Maratika is a pilgrimage destination for those seeking long life and Padmasambhava practice. It can be a difficult area to get to both in the dry and the monsoon season. Sometimes one needs to change jeeps three times at different crossover points while new bridges are being put in place. The Holy Caves of Maratika have long been an important pilgrimage destination for Dharma practitioners wishing to engage in long life practice for their teachers. It is only in recent years that it has become easier and more accessible for Pilgrims to come here and spend time.
Maratika is a famous cave for pilgrimage to Nepal . You can have Maratika Tour, to visit Maratika Cave, Khotang Halesi, Halesi Mahadev and Maratika Monastery. Pilgrimage to Maratika and  Halesi Mahadev worth a higher value of Nepal visit to specially visitors like researchers, students, and people with religious beliefs. Maratika is newly started tourism destinations so is idea for travelers seeking meditations (Padmasambhava practice) and peace of mind.Maratika is less visited tourism destination with limited lodging facilities. It is the place where the great master, the second Buddha Padmasambhava and his sacred consort Mandarava obtained the realization of the Immortality of Life in this wonderful cave. It was also blessed by the three family Lords – Manjushree, Vajrapani, Awaloketesvara.

On Maratika tour, we learn and get experience as Maratika Cave is blessed by the Three Dharma Protectors of Refuge: Manjushri , Vajrapani and Avalokiteshvara . The three Hills of Maratika represent the three family lords and are named accordingly: Majushri hill, Vajrapani Hill and Avaloketesvara Hill.

The Avaloketeswara Hill is the most important pilgrimage place at Maratika because it is where Guru Padmasambhava and Dakini Mandarava achieved immortality.


Round the Year

Nepal tour for VVIPs- 4 days

3 night 4 days  for VVIPs

We quoted this tour as per VVIP tour in Nepal easily known as heritage tour. The main motto of this tour is to discover as many places in Nepal on short vacation. On this tour we will provide all the best available accommodation in Nepal such as Hyatt Regency, Soaltee Crown Plazza or Dwarikas’ on presidential suite room and we will try to provide best services during your time in Nepal.
Eagle Treks is only the first company in Nepal applying such heritage tour to its clients. The tour will start just after landing in Kathmandu airport.  Our expert will escorts from Kathmandu airport and drive to hotel, take a nap about 3 hours at hotel and visit two UNESCO heritage sites with fluent language experts. These two places are Pashupatinath temple and Boudhanath stupa and the day will ends after the dinner with traditional culture program. Major attractive places to visit on this heritage tour are listed below:

1. Pashupatinath Temple:

Pashupatinath is regarded as the patron deity of Nepal. Revered as one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimages, the temple boasts of images of Shiva lingas along with statues, shrines, and temples dedicated to other deities in the complex. A temple dedicated to Hindu God Shiva existed at this site since 879 AD.

2. Bouddhanath Stupa:

Bouddhanath is the largest stupa in Nepal. The stupa, built in the 5th century A.D, is surrounded by one hundred and eight small niches accommodating the icons of Buddhas, Bodhisatavas and other female deities along with conjoint figures in erotic poses. However, regarding the erection of the stupa, varied and conflicting claims have been made. The stupa has become the focal point of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal. Many of the Tibetan refugees entering Nepal in the 1950s, decided to live around Bouddhanath. So the place is the best place in the valley to observe Tibetan lifestyle.

The second day we will escort you from your hotel for the scenic helicopter flight to Mt. Everst. The purpose of this heritage tour is to touch the roof of the world “THE MOUNT EVEREST” the highest peak on the world. We will fly to Everest early morning and it may takes about 4 hrs. out of this timing the flying time will be two and half to 3 hrs. and approximately an hour we will have rest at Hotel Everest view at Syangboche.  The helicopter tour in Nepal can be extremely rewarding as it simply takes you to the full splendor of Himalayan beauty. Offering you unsurpassed views of the world’s highest awe-inspiring peaks. We operate a host of helicopter tour service like sight-seeing, and mountain flight with Nepal’s leading professional helicopter companies. All the helicopters offering these services consist of the fleet of modern helicopters like B2, B3 and Bell jet ranger made by European and US companies. After landing at Kathmandu we will drop you to hotel and rest of the days will be free and leisure time, afternoon we will be escorted to Swoyambhunath and Kathmandu Durbar Square and drop to hotel for good night rest.

3. Swoyambhunath:

Swoyambhunath stupa stands on a typically stylized lotus mandala base located on a lovely little hillock. There are 360 steps leading all the way to the stupa from where catching the picturesque view of the Kathmandu valley and splendid panorama of the Himalayan range becomes possible. The stupa is laden with 13 gold plated spires symbolizing 13 stages to salvation in Buddhism. According to the legends, Kathmandu valley was a lake a long time ago. Maha Manjushree, a saint from Tibet, cut the hill of the valley and drained the water making the valley ready for habitation. Men settled on the bed of the lake and called it the Kathmandu Valley.  From then on, the hilltop has been revered as a holy place.

4. Kathmandu Durbar Square: 

Kathamandu Durbar Square, known as Hanuman Dhoka palace, is ancient seat of the Nepalese royalty and lies in the heart of Kathmandu city. Hanuman is the god of the monkeys in Hinduam. Hanuman statute flanked by a pair of lions symbolizes strength and protection against all possible threats. One can easily be overwhelmed by the sights of seemingly uncountable monuments at the square. Kumari Ghar, the house of the Living Goddess, the ferocious Kal Bhairab, the monkey god, and hundreds of erotic carvings represent the square’s richness in artistic monuments.  Wandering around the Square, visitors can observe a round temple in the pagoda architectural style, the temple of Goddess Taleju, which is opened to the public only once in a year during Dashain fetival.

The third day will starts from visiting some other UNESCO world heritage sites, Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Patan Durbar Square, afternoon you can enjoy at shopping and dinner will serve at Garden of Dreams.

5. Bhaktapur Durbar Square: 

Bhaktapur Durbar Square is a cluster of pagodas, shikhara-style monuments, courtyards and Buddhist shrines and monasteries.  The city of devotees founded by King Ananda Dev in the 12th century has the most beautiful architectural masterpieces of the valley highlighting the ancient arts of Nepal. The Lion Gate, Golden Gate, Four Pilgrimage Sites, Stone Column, 55 Windows Palace, Vastala Temple, Yakcheswor Mahadev, Nyatpola temple at Taumadi Square are the attractions of Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

6. Patan Durbar Square: 

Patan is also known as Lalitpur which means the city of arts. The city was founded in 3rd century AD by King Veera Dev has earned a distinction of being the home of finest crafts. Most of the monuments in the Durbar Square were built by Malla kings from 16th to 18th century. There are many shrines, sculptures, stupas scattered in and around the square. Main Chowks (courtyards), Bhimsen Temple, Vishwa Nath Temple, Krishna Mandir, Stone Column, Jaganath Temple, Harishankar Temple, Golden Temple and Mahaboudha are some of the main attractions to wonder around the square.
The fourth day will be the departure to Kathmandu airport according to your flight time. If your flight is late afternoon we can provide you some services as per your interest on this heritage tour.


US $ 17900  (on the basis of minimum of two people in group)

The price is negotiable for heritage tour if there are more than two in group.

Family Holiday in Nepal

Family Tour in Lumbini EagletreksThis program is especially designed for families with children. It is designed as a loop that can be driven in a car or jeep allowing you to take infants along with you. We will enjoy the heritage sites in Kathmandu. The wildlife splendors of Chitwan National Park and the breathtaking views of Mountain ranges from Pokhara and Bandipur.

Bandipur is a small hilltop town known as an ancient trade center in Nepal. It used to be the district headquarters of Tanahun. It is a picturesque spot so from the top of the hill you can enjoy the views of the low land of Terai to the south and snow caved mountain ranges to north.

Chitwan National Park is a conservation haven for animals like one horned-rhinos, elephants, black bears and crocodiles and offers many tours for the whole family. But be careful with wild endangered animals and take a tour with experts. Chitwan should definitely be on the Nepal family holiday “must-do” list.


Bandipur is a hilltop settlement lies 143 KM to the west of Kathmandu and 80 KM east of Pokhara. It is approximately 700 m above the Marshyangdi Valley. The hilltop is connected by an 8 KM road access from the Prithvi highway from Dumre. Dumre is a small town lies on the high way. Bandipur is famous for Newari people and their cultures. Because of its preserved, old time cultural atmosphere, Bandipur has increasingly been coming to the attention of tourism. It is one of the best tourist destinations of Nepal. The mountain saddle, just 200 m long, is barely wide enough to accommodate the main street lined by 2 –3 storey buildings on either side. At the backsides of those houses the mountainsides steeply descend and the gardens are only accessible by stairs.
Originally it was a simple Magar village in early 19th century. Bandipur was established as funneling point of trade by Newar traders from Bhaktapur in the Kathmandu valley as it had been conquered in 1798 by Prithvi Narayan Shah.

Nepal was suffered by malaria by that period, specially low lands of Nepal. They took an advantage of its malaria free location to develop it into important stop along the India- Tibet trade route. Still tourist can enjoy their cultural heritage and architecture which basically has remain unchanged to these days.

Below is a suggested itinerary but can be lengthened or shortened to suit your needs.

Home Stay

 home_stay2Welcome to our Home Stay in Nepal page. We want you to have different experienced on your holiday. This is a truly unique and enjoyable experience in Nepal that you will never forget. During your home stay visit in Nepal, you will be more than just a guest, you will be welcomed as a family member – a rare privilege for international visitors. You will leave feeling like you have a second family in Nepal! Your hosts will respect your privacy and space too.

Home_stay5Tired of sterile hotels? Come and stay with local people in rural part of the Nepal. Their doors are always wide open to you. Come and cook with locals, learn how to make our famous Dal Bhat. Visit the places that guide books do not show. Learn the unique culture that no one told you about. Tasting traditional; Nepali food prepared lovingly in the home is very different to what you taste in the Hotels. You will love it. Come and share your life story with local people and they will share theirs to you – bring lots of photos!. Come and teach about western food and they will teach you how to make Dal Bhat. Partake in the sharing of passions and information in our cross cultural world. Local people are always there to host the group and we promise you will leave with a smile, many wonderful memories and a desire to return.
Farming is the main industry in Nepal. However tourism is beginning to support it more and more as more areas are opened up to trekking and sightseeing. Many people are depending on farming (plantation of crops, animal husbandry any many more). You can explore how people are working on their fields and farms and their general way of life. Your few days with the local people in this part of the country will help them to gain knowledge on how they can improve their living standard and day-to-day lives. This is a truly unique way to experience the culture, hospitality, and ethnicity of Nepali life.

Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal is one of the most popular sport in tourism. This is approved from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal and Nepal air sports Association as well. We have different courses of paragliding:

1) Experience the ultimate high, learn to fly yourself:

Paragliding offers 3 stages to become a pilot. They follow the Para-Pro syllabus; this is set out the Federation Aeronautique International (FAI) the governing body for all air sports worldwide. All instructors are world class highly experienced and complete professional.

During these courses you will be under instruction using 2 way radios. Building upon each successfully completed task you quickly progress to higher and longer flights. Due to exceptional weather conditions in Nepal, we can complete the task needed to get your license far quicker than in less predictable climates. The satisfaction of controlling your own aircraft by harnessing the elements is enormous.

2) Tandem Flying Adventures:

Tendem flying involves a pilot flying with a passenger. Both have separate harnesses that are attached to each other and the wing. Paragliding harnesses are built for comfort and safety, they feel more like an armchair. After takeoff the passenger just sits back, relaxes adn takes in the epic scenery. Even taking pictures is not a problem. Because paragliders can foot launch and gently foot land again and are very portable. We can take them anywhere and fly from most mountains in Nepal.

3) Annapurna Panorama Flights.

It take a 20 minutes jeep drive from Pokhara to Sarangkot the view point 2000 ft. above lakeside. From here you can see three of the highest mountains in the world, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna South and Manasulu all over 8000 m. We offer three types of tandem flights from here.

3.1) Cloud Buster

This is midday flight gives you the thrill of high flights as well thermal up above Sarangkot in the company of Eagles and Vultures (30 min). This will land by the lake.

3.2) Cross-Country

This offers you the chance to experience flying from one valley to another. Using thermals, clouds and birds to guide us, we take you on unforgettable journey north of Pokhara towards the big mountains. Condition allowing us we fly as far as we can and aim to return to Pokhara (approximately an hour flight).

3.3) Acrobatic Flying:

The biggest shot of adrenaline in the Himalayas!

This is with the favor and experience of world class acro pilots with a wing as you loop, spin and spiral through the air. Performing maneuvers called “SAT”, “Wingover” and “Helicopter”.

This 20 min, flight will leave you breathless!!! 

Paragliding in Nepal is one of the busiest adventure on Nepal tourism which be done round the year depends up on the weather condition for short time.