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Mt. Biking in Tibet

A memorable journey through the “forbidden land”, to the fascinating cities of Kathmandu and Lhasa 5000m +, and an unrivaled 4000m descent in Nepal! Tibet, protected by the great Himalayas to the south and west, and even more inhospitable mountains to the north and east, has haunted the ambition of explorers for centuries. For the adventurous cyclist this land of rugged beauty, vast landscapes, glittering peaks offers an ultimate challenge by bike. After an acclimatization period around Kathmandu and Lhasa, our route takes us through the desert at high altitude, mountain passes entering, with a stop at Rongbuk monastery and base camp to the north side of Everest, before making the descent to 4600m 160 km in Nepal and the lush Kathmandu Valley. A difficult journey, but for those cyclists who venture to the spectacular beauty of Tibet, the sense of achievement will always be with them.