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Trekking in Tibet

Kailash Pilgrimage Tour:

Kailash Yatra – 13 Days

Few mountains in the world rival the grandeur of Mount Kailash (6714m) , the famed holy peak in Western Tibet. Kailash has kailash pilgrimage tourlong been an object of worship for four major religions. For the Hindus, it is the domain of Shiva. It is also the abode of Samvara-a multi armed, wrathful deity worshipped in the Chakrasamvara Tantric cycle of Tibetan Buddhism. The Jains of India also revere the mountain as the site at which the first of their saints emancipated. And in the ancient Bon religion of Tibet, Kailash was the sacred nine storey Swastika Mountain, upon which the Bonpo founder Shenrab alighted from heaven.
Sprawling below Mount Kailash is the sacred Lake Manasarovar (4560m), where a ritual bath will deliver a pilgrim to Brahma’s paradise and a drink of its water relinquishes the sins of a hundred lifetimes. The 53 Km Kailash circuit is the holiest of all Tibet’s pilgrimages and the beacon which draws most travellers to Western Tibet. It is said that a Single Parikarma erases the accumulated sins of a lifetime, while 108 circumbulation will achieve Salvation Or Nirvana.

Detail Itinerary

Day 01: Drive to Nyalam (150km), 3750m
Morning departure from Kathmandu to begin yatra to Nyalam [3800M]. We arrive at the Friendship Bridge [Nepal – China Border]. Walk along for 10 minutes to cross the bridge. Then go to Zhangmu, where all the immigration and customs formalities will be done after the completion of all formalities, we go to Nyalam. Overnight in Nyalam.
Day 02: Rest Day at Nylam, 3750m:It is a day for acclimatization.
Day 03: Drive to Saga / 4450m: (Labug-La 5150m
Peku-tso and Saga, 232km)On the first long driving day on sandy and rocky Tibet, other things like lake, nomads chasing thousands of yaks and sheep occupy you during the trip. In late afternoon you will cross the river and Bhramha Purtra typical Chinese and Tibetan cities, Night Saga.
Day 04: Paryang (4600m) 230 km, 7-8 hrs
Jeeps and trucks roll on the wide valley following rivers and grazing land of yaks and sheep. Far south you can see the snowy peaks near you, a lot of rocky peaks and sand dunes give you an idyllic world. Next season, nomads and other mobile shopkeepers are dressed in beautiful traditional costumes.
Day 05: Drive Paryang to Manasarover (4558m) 277km, 8 hours
The longest day of action begins with a large excitation, in the afternoon you can see the first sight of Holy Kailash Parbat and Manasarovara. We spend the night in a small village near Lake Manasarover.
Day 06: Holy-Manasarovara: At 14950-ft/ 4558m. Puja and drive to Tarchen (14975ft) 40km
The highest freshwater lake of turquoise in the world is full of fish and swans. Holy Kailash Parbat, Mt Gurula-Mandala, Lake Rakshesh lie on around him. The region is considered rich for gold mines and other, hot springs and hundreds of wild living creatures. Night at Chu Gumba.Manasarovara aurprès Lake. After we drive to Tarchen. Then to the base camp of Holy Kailash Parikrama.
Day 07: Trek to Dira Phuk/5000m
This is an exciting day of strolling along the beautiful rocky cliffs. Occasionally the face of Kailash Parbat will appear. About 15 km of trails that will take about 7 hours.
Day 08: Trek to Zuthul Phuk / 4800m
Holy day of saints, but the hardest of your pilgrimage Yatra with Dolma-La (pass) of 18600ft between two valleys: Yamasthal must be crossed to reach the Shiva-Stahl, while your feet take you closer to the cervix. When you reach the top, just make an offering and sit down for meditation. When you go down, Parvati-stal and Gauri Kunda are on your way. In late afternoon, you arrive at Zuthal Puk (the cave of miracles). The great ascetic Milerappa is supposed to have performed miracles here
Day 09: Trek End at Darchen and further Drive to Horchu / 4500m
Today we will trek to Tarchen meeting and after transport, we arrive at Horchu for the night. Horchu Manasarover is the next valley.
Day 10: Drive back to Paryang
Day 11: Drive back to Saga
Day 12: Drive back to Nyalam
Day 13: Drive back to Kathmandu

Central Tibet Monastery Tour – 13 Days

Short Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive Gongar Airport and transfer to Lhasa
Day 02-03: Lhasa sightseeing – visit, Potala, Norbulinka, Sera, Drepung, Jokhang, Barkhor
Day 04: Lhasa- Tsurphu Monastery – Yangbachen hot spring – Lhasa
Day 05: Lhasa – Ganden monastery – Tridum nunery
Day 06: Tridum – Drigun Til Monastery – Lhasa
Day 07: Lhasa – Samey Monastery – Yumbu Lhakhang – Tsonge Tomb
Day 08: Tsedang – Yamdrok tso – Gyantse (Palchor Chod and Khumbum monastery)
Day 09: Gyantse – Shalu Monastery – Shigatse (Tashilhungpo Monastery).
Day 10: Shigatse – Shakya Monastery – Shigatse
Day 11: Shigatse – Namtso
Day 12: Namtso – Reting Monastery – Lhasa
Day 13: Departure from Lhasa